Welcome to my Rock and Roll Heaven!

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading! Bear with me (I’m a novice blogger), but my goal is to share my love of music with all of you.

I grew up with music in my blood, my parents both were talented musicians and some of my fondest memories as a child were exploring the extensive and diverse vinyl collection they had. Classical, pop, rock…. you name it I inhaled it all! My true love though is 80’s hard rock/metal music. I was 8 years old when I begged my mother to buy me Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in The Wall” 45. From that day I was hooked…. I remember in grade six joining Columbia House (remember? 13 records for a penny?? how can you go wrong!!) and waiting for what seemed like months for my albums to arrive in the mail. Among those first selections I made: Asia’s debut album, Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger and Journey’s Frontiers. And so began my love of rock music.

As you’ll soon find out, I’m a massive Def Leppard fan and I’ll be posting all kinds of great stuff about my favourite band. So stay tuned, there’s lots to come and I hope you enjoy sharing my love of all things rock!!!


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